Assessment & Evaluation: Moving Towards Next-Level Business Intelligence

Meeting & Overview

Our business intelligence experts will meet with members of your management team to get an overview of the goals you want to achieve as well as the hurdles that are in the way of achieving them. We will work closely with you to identify hidden needs and answer your software and implementation questions.

Analysis & Requirements

Understanding your needs, expectations, and goals is vital to tailoring the right business intelligence solution for your organization. Trafalgar 360 has developed a streamlined process to gather this information and determine the best approach for achieving your business objectives:

  • KPI's -- Ensuring access to the information that drives your business
  • Cataloging data sources: ERP, CRM, Excel, Operational Systems
  • Automating required statutory, regulatory, and third party reports
  • Analysis of existing reports, reporting systems, and identifying gaps and enhancements
  • Review of budgeting, forecasting processes and methods

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Developing a Road Map

Based on our analysis and findings, Trafalgar 360 will prepare a detailed road map to take your company from where you are today to where you want to be, setting you up for the future. This comprehensive plan prioritizes the steps of your business intelligence implementation, so you can take a multi-phased approach and stretch your financial investment over time.

Securing Funding

If needed, Trafalgar 360 will work with you to secure financing for your software and hardware purchases. In today’s banking environment, having contacts that are ready to finance your investment in technology is critical. We partner with funding sources that are intimately familiar with this process.

Implementing the Project

Once the scope is finalized, Trafalgar 360 will take the lead on your project to ensure that the implementation remains on schedule and within budget. Our goal is to partner with you, and hand you the tools you need to guide your business to greater success.

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