Business Intelligence Solutions
Analyze trends, highlight findings, and identify patterns with striking visuals and push button simplicity, gain complete insight into all facets of your business from the top down and the bottom up.

We believe in the power of information. Without access to meaningful and actionable information, it can be challenging to make the important decisions that drive your organization's success. When this key data resides in different locations and in different formats -- ERP, CRM, transactional data sources, Excel spreadsheets, and more -- it can be difficult to see the complete picture.

At Trafalgar 360 our team is comprised of professionals with real life business intelligence, accounting, finance, operational, and technology expertise. We will work side-by-side with you to implement industry leading business intelligence solutions from our select partners. Eliminate lengthy manual processes that are prone to error, and multiple platforms that do not interface. We offer simple, one-stop solutions in the following areas:

Pre-Configured Data Warehouse

At Trafalgar 360, we work with you to seamlessly populate data from all of your sources into a pre-configured data warehouse. The warehouse is built on a Microsoft SQL Server platform and can integrate to virtually any data source. This means full implementation at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional data warehouse. Best of all, once configured, the data warehouse can be managed by your non-technical business users. This means changes that impact your reports and dashboards can be made by the users who need them -- not IT or consultants.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Sketch Notes (data mining graphic)

Drag and Drop Reporting

Accounting and finance professionals live and breathe Excel. Most have become experts by necessity, with many hours spent manually combining, massaging, and reconciling data into the final presentation output. With the simplicity of drag and drop reporting, you can select only the data you want, harnessing the power of Excel to include calculations, formulas, and formatting directly in your report.

  • Friendly interface for business users without technical expertise
  • Run reports through a web browser or mobile device
  • Automate the execution and distribution of reports – different versions for different users
  • Leverage Excel to its full potential with charts, graphs, formulas and formats
  • Drill down to the details to see the underlying transactions
  • Automate complex eliminations and consolidations
  • Maintain simple tree and roll-up hierarchies to manage your report structure from a single location.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Create a multi-year budget, update the current year’s forecast, or generate several “what if” scenarios, all quickly and seamlessly. With Excel-based design, and options for deployment and input via Excel or the web, planning does not have to be complex or time consuming. No more Excel workbooks with linked tabs or broken formulas. Every update to your budget is stored within the data warehouse or ERP, allowing for real time updates to all of your reports.

  • Fully custom models or out-of-the-box solutions
  • Unlimited budget and forecast scenarios
  • Store text and comments to define or explain line items
  • Automated spreading capabilities – seasonality, historical, percentage increase/decrease, and more Please make the indent line up correctly under Automated…the text should not begin where the bullet point begins. No bullet on the wrapped text.
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Revenue models by salesperson, customer, or other drivers
  • Payroll – salary, contract labor, seasonal workers, taxes and benefits
  • Operating expenses and overhead allocations
  • Capital expenditures with depreciation runoff


Visualize the information that drives your business. Interactive charts and graphs allow you to drill-down to further analyze trends, comparisons and exceptions. With live connections to your ERP or data warehouse, the possibilities are limitless. Executive level dashboards allow you to see the big picture and manage the overall direction of your company -- anywhere, anytime. Detailed dashboards allow departments, locations, and divisions to better understand their area of the business. With a simple drag and drop interface, you can be up and running in minimal time, with full integration to the data sources that drive your business.

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